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Matthew Mako's culinary journey has been nothing short of remarkable. An instrumental part in the launch of the renowned Benu, a three Michelin-starred restaurant, marked his early commitment to excellence. Matthew's career boasts positions at eminent San Francisco establishments such as Quince and Saison, where he honed his skills and acquired valuable experience. As the Director of Hospitality at Saison, his oversight ensured the immaculate delivery of unparalleled dining experiences.

Matthew infuses his skills and passion for hospitality into his role as a partner at Anomaly, a novel fine-dining restaurant in San Francisco. He guides his team toward perfection in their craft and contributes significantly to developing Anomaly's unique identity. His aim to offer immersive and memorable dining experiences ensures each guest receives superior service.

Matthew's pursuit of professional growth knows no boundaries. Diverse fields, including tailoring and winemaking, and time spent with the luxury home brand RH have broadened his skill set and deepened his understanding of the subtler elements that make dining experiences remarkable.

Matthew's expertise extends beyond the kitchen. He possesses an astute eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of ambiance, making him proficient in restaurant design. He skillfully blends space, lighting, and decor, curating inviting and memorable dining environments that linger in the memory of guests.

Away from his professional life, Matthew leads a well-rounded lifestyle, enhancing his overall well-being. Fitness activities bring solace and rejuvenation, positively affecting his mental health. His love for golf, nurtured since childhood, provides peaceful moments and friendly rivalry. His travel experiences widen his exposure to various cultures and cuisines, adding inspiration to his work.

While not formally associated with any charitable organizations, Matthew demonstrates his philanthropic spirit through his actions. By cooking meals for those in need and donating clothes, he manifests his commitment to making a difference. His kindness is propelled by empathy and compassion, spotlighting his humility and selflessness.

Matthew Mako's deep dedication to the hospitality industry, persistent pursuit of excellence, and drive for professional growth have made him a prominent figure in San Francisco's culinary landscape. As he continues to contribute significantly to Anomaly and the broader restaurant scene, Matthew is profoundly committed to crafting extraordinary dining experiences that leave a lasting impression on guests. Equipped with expertise in restaurant design, a steadfast commitment to excellence, and a passion for culinary arts, Mako is undoubtedly set to sculpt the future of the hospitality industry.

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